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Expansion Shells and support system

No. Borehole Dia. Dia. of bar Weight length Quantity of leaf Max. Loading
1 Ø34-Ø36 16mm 0.418kg 147mm 3 150KN
2 Ø44-Ø47 18mm 0.83kg 175mm 3 150KN
3 Ø44-Ø47 20mm 0.83kg 175mm 3 190KN
4 Ø35-Ø38 15mm 0.212kg 85mm 2 190KN
5 Ø33-Ø36 15mm 0.24kg 95mm 2 190KN
6 Ø38-Ø41 18mm 0.456kg 177mm 2 150KN
7 Ø45-Ø48 21.5mm 0.503kg 135mm 2 150KN
8 Ø35-Ø38 15mm 0.37kg 113mm 2 190KN

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